On Sodom Pond

Postcards from rural Vermont

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The Race is On

Before the forest canopy thickens, tiny little things are racing to open to the light to get pollinated, flower and fruit. Everything we saw this morning was about as big as your earlobe.

Monday April 29 003

Scarlet Cup (first fungus of spring)

Monday April 29 013

Rattlesnake Plaintain (it does look snakelike, doesn’t it?)

Monday April 29 007

Spring Beauty (the size of a violet)

Monday April 29 016

Blue Cohosh (this was rubbery and a lovely smoky grey-blue)

Sunday April 28 2013 028

Wild Leeks, a.k.a “Ramps”

Monday April 29 017


What looked like a dusty peach pit in the driveway turned out to be this little guy, a newborn painted turtle. We splashed him with some cool water and left him at the edge of the woods, where he was eager to be on his way.

And all this was before lunch! So much is going on, all the time, around us. I am learning new ways of paying attention, thanks to so many people and species here in my new home in Vermont.




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Spring comes slow and sweet


Sunday April 28 2013 017This weekend brought a handful of firsts: first laundry on the line, first Dish of Dirt at Dairy Creme (eaten in the car with the heat on), first badminton game, first bike rides, first mosquito bite, first gathering of wild leeks, and first planting: peas, hardy enough to withstand nights that still need a wood fire. But we’re getting there. Dainty hepatica on the forest floor.




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The Adamant 20-Miler

music school dining hallI spent part of the day stirring soups for hungry runners. Today was the 4th annual Adamant 20-Miler and Relay, a Central Vermont Runners Event and fundraiser for the Adamant Music School, a ”small, unpretentious, cooperative, supportive”  environment with a commitment, since 1942, to “total piano.” 84 runners made their way around the dirt roads, some in tag team relays. The event was hosted by Eric and Donna, whose house I’ve been renting for the past six month and am saying goodbye to May 1. Eric is the caretaker of the school, keeping him busy during its remarkable 3-week summer piano session. He is also an extremely skillful woodworker and carpenter. Donna is the current 55-59 USAT National Champion and a 6-time Age Group Ironman World Champion. She is also a gifted physical therapist. Most of us in town have been to her office, “Fixer Upper,” and have a daily exercise regime from Donna. She is keeping us all in shape. Plus, she smiles more than anyone on the planet. It was a privilege to serve these athletes, local people who are dedicated to getting better at what they’re doing. Here’s to the Adamant Music School, and to the idea of running your own race, without comparisons or competitions. Go runners! Go Adamant Music School!