On Sodom Pond

Postcards from rural Vermont

Eastering (ii)

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IMG_20140421_083129340Driving home from Easter weekend this morning, I found myself remembering a particular moment with a special person. We were standing in the sun, smiling and playing, with the future near and the present at hand. It was one of those perfect moments: brief and whole and deep.

As I drove, I replayed the moment a lot in my mind. And then a silly thought came: Why isn’t this moment just like that one? Why isn’t it still happening?

Because it’s over!

But in my mind I’m reviewing, reliving, replaying.

I want it to go on forever.

This moment isn’t so golden. I’m driving for three hours, alone, and heading for work.

Life isn’t about feeling good all the time. Or having what you want. Or even having golden moments. It’s life. Which means it’s about all the long bits to and from those golden moments.

And if you happen to have a special one who will meet you in a parking lot to say hello as you’re traveling through town, and lift you off your feet when he greets you, and remember that you’re collecting Shaw’s sweepstakes tickets and hand you ten, along with a bag of his favorite coffee, roasted just yesterday, and listen to you and make you laugh and allude to the future, and wink at you and wave….

well then, consider yourself lucky.

Let the moment die.

So it can live.



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