On Sodom Pond

Postcards from rural Vermont

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Be the Water

This waterfall sits behind my cabin. It’s a pretty powerful thing see–and hear–every day. Waterfalls are sudden drops in a stream. They fall over harder rock, seeking softer rock below. Waterfalls have powered textile mills and power plants. Like all sources of moving water, waterfalls release negative ions, which increases serotonin levels in our brain. So waterfalls have an anti-depressive effect. They are also aesthetically pleasing, relaxing, and good for respiration as they are usually in places of clean air.

It’s a good time to channel the waterfall’s anti-negative properties. After last week’s election, it’s easy to be angry and hopeless. But we must get moving and not stop. Like the falls. Keep reaching out. There’s lots to do. They say the softer stones get shaped by the force of the water, but it’s not time to be a stone. Be the water. Roar.